Monday, October 18, 2010


Today regardless of the amount of work, was very enjoyable, for one reason: wellness. HA. What? No, but seriously wellness, although Ms. Gillick is in fact the only health teacher in the all of GHS to give homework, is where my friend Henry and I come alive with our humor. Wow that sounds awful, health is a class where eating disorders and heart attacks are disscussed and here Henry and I are making puns out of it. Well it is awful, but in reality, what humor isn't? Seriously, in my entire life I have never witnessed an extremely funny joke where someone was not being poked at(except for several occasions where the jokes were horrendous). In health today, we received a worksheet that displayed how many calories numerous amount of activities burned. As I read the sheet is stated that swimming for one minute only burned one calorie...what? Anyway knowing this was inaccurate I said, "well swimming may only burn one calorie, but drowning, well drowning burns a lot more." This leads to my topic of the day, what makes a joke funny? Well I honestly do not know how to even begin to answer this question. First of all I have been in situations where people have loved my jokes/ humor, and others where you could literally hear a pin drop. So, I guess in order to make a joke, it must be slightly racy, but not enough to offend anyone, just enough to get a laugh. Furthermore the joke must be witty(because sarcasm gets old severely fast). Basically I have just wasted your time with that question because the truth is humor comes naturally, and event the greatest comedians have embarrassing moments, and of course, event the most socially awkward will have their moments. Bear with me, this is my first blog, and I assure you I am much funnier! Alright that was cocky but still. Thank you for reading!!!!!!

This weeks *Things*:

-Come see the Twelfth Night(Thursday, 7:30, GHS Black box, Tickets $10.00)
-Head of the Charles(good luck to all my crewtons)
-Princess Diary's on ABC Family
-Glee on fox...oh wait....

to all the poopybutts reading this very lame blog...i thank you!!

PS: spell check said that poopybutt should be spelt "poppets"


  1. WOOOOOTWOOOOOOOOT F1R$+ c00m3n++++ wassgooodiee yooooooooo?!?!
    love u poopybutt
    cr3w+0n$ 4 lyffffff33333

  2. I think that humor can also be found in things such as, a panda riding a motor cycle, a wiener dog on a skate board, a chimpanzee riding on a segway. Just my opinion

  3. Hint: Glee is also on Fox 25, which I know I get. I don't know about you.

    Hint 2: Glee was a re-run this week. Next week is "Rocky Horror Glee Show."

    The Weekling is actually going through turmoil right now because our latest issue has worried our adviser under the concern that it "might upset someone," a price that all who want to be funny must be willing to pay.