Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Considering the recent "attention" the airline system has been receiving due to the new TSA system, I figured I should blog about the issue. I have to admit, at  first all the knowledge I had about the system came from the Saturday Night Live parody. Therefore I decided to do a little more research. Even though I understand that it truly is an invasion of privacy, every single time I think about  it I start to laugh. But to be honest I do not feel like discussing this, we'll leave that up to the President. My real topic today is something that my friend Jody brought up, what to wear when flying. Have you ever been put in the situation where you are leaving from a place such as Greenwich in winter, but you are going to a warm place such as Santa Monica?Well I have to say it is difficult to figure out what to wear. Answer:  Extra Clothing. I understand that may seem like a bother to bring extra clothing, however it is a good idea if you want to be comfortable in your destination.  Unfortunately I am going to have to leave you with that concept, because c'mon it is the holidays. Families to see etc. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


So I bet everyone thought that since I am writing about "holidays" that I am going to be discussing Christmas and Thanksgiving. Just because those holidays are coming up doesn't mean I am going to blog about them(yet). I am talking national baby. No, really, like national holidays. Anyway, the other day my friend Shelby mentioned to me that it was National Diabetes Day. Now I am not trying to draw attention to myself or anything, but I mean, I am kind of the face of Diabetes. But I am not here to talk about diabetes. I am here to talk about diabeetuss. No. Seriously. I am here to discuss National Holidays and whether or not I agree with them. I figure this is a "YAY" or "nay" situation. And when I say "I figure" I mean you guys don't have a say in what I write.

The "YAY's" and "nay's" of National Holidays:

YAY- National Holiday's tend to raise awareness for worthy causes such as cancer, autism, aids, etc. Therefore I fully support national holidays in that sense.

nay- Once one cause has a special day all the others do. Now again I completely support certain holidays that raise awareness for vitally important causes, however I am not in favor of National Peanut butter lovers month or National Pomegranate month. These holidays are simply unnecessary.

YAY- Adding to the concept of "raising awareness", many of these national holiday's help raise money for the cause. Since an entire day is being dedicated to the disease people are more aware of the issue and are more apt to do something about it(such as raising money).

On a lighter note, Thanksgiving is next week. I know there are cynics out there debating the basis of the holiday. You know considering the amount of pain and suffering that occurred. But honestly I just enjoy the day for the sake of being able to have a delicious meal and spend time with family(ohh and having a few days off is nice as well). Also Christmas is pretty close as well which is extremely exciting, and to all my Jewish friends, I know you love Christmas just as much as I do.(not the whole Jesus thing, but otherwise...) Shalom.

This Weeks *Things*:
-Comedy Tonight---Friday, 7:30pm, Tickets $10.00
-Congrats to my crew friends at the Frostbite regatta!!!!! I cannot wait to be rowing again!!
-To my camp friends, i look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

November is national Diabetes month and National Gluten-Free Diet Awareness month. And my birthday is in November.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


In my opinion what a person drinks says a lot about their personality. For example coffee drinkers, are most likely are high maintenance people with an extremely busy life. Tea drinkers on the other hand might have a lot going on but are looking for an escape from the busy life. I have to say I am a person who enjoys drinking tea. However majority of the time I cannot stand people who do drink tea. I'm not talking about people who have a glass of Lipton once a day, I am talking about the people who have seven glasses of Chai, Zen or licorice mint in one day. I know I sound like a hipocrite. These "tea drinkers" just have this pretentious attitude that drives them(maybe this just happens sub-consciously) to be very condescending. I have no clue why TEA would give someone this higher power, but it does. Therefore "tea drinkers" are not high on my list. I understand that "coffee people" can be a little obnoxiously as well but at least they don't think so highly of themselves. On the other end of the spectrum you have soda drinkers. Now in this case there are two parts to the category, "diet soda people" and just regular "soda people". To be honest neither of these people are my cup of tea(ha). Because "diet soda people" have this unrealistic opinion that what they are drinking is a healthy decision. That is not true. But then the "soda people" just don't really care about anything. Either way they are just okay. Snapple people, now Snapple people are my kind of people. I don't care if they are drinking diet or regular, iced tea or grape flavor, they just good people.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well sorry about that. I have been very busy. Anywho, my birthday is next Tuesday!!! And honestly, I am not really excited. I guess as you get older you get less excited(Jesus, how old are you 45????). I am confused about why I am not excited therefore, I am going to do the "yays" and "nays"  again, let me know if you like that format.

The "YAY'S" and "nay's" of my BIRTHDAY:

YAY: Well the obvious, PRESENTS. Whoa, alright, that sounded a little narcissistic. Still, what is better than receiving a something that someone bought/made just for YOU. Not much. It's a great feeling. And if you cannot admit to loving presents, than honestly, you probably don't get very many. Okay, maybe you do, you might just be one of "those" people who asks specifically not to get them. Please, everybody LOVES presents. Regardless, I stand by my opinion.

Nay: Invitations. No not the actual writing of an invitation. Rather, deciding who you are going to invite. For me this is especially difficult because I have several different groups of friends. But it really isn't the worst thing.

YAY: Attention. Well guys, I am just going to put it all out on the table. I enjoy attention. That is all.

Nay: Cake. Well you know, gluten allergies. C'mon, the day someone finds a tasty gluten-free cake, is the day I will...actually I had know idea where that sentence was going.

To be honest, writing this blog got me excited for my birthday!!!!!!! Also this blog is in memory of Mallory.

This Weeks *Things*

-Congratulations to everyone who got cast in The Crucible or Oleanna!!!!
-30 ROCK
-Rachel Dog, Lauren Slang and Hanna Brown Bear