Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Alright guys, its time for a spooky Halloween special(alright lets be a little more cheesy). Okay first of all let me just tell you, that I have no clue what I am going to be for Halloween, even though I am not going tick-or-treat-ing this year, I have been invited to several parties and well, I want to look classy. But I am not going to get into my costume ideas, that is going to be a surprise(once I actually figure it out. ha.).

Halloween "YAYs" and "Nays":

Nay: First of all I must say  I am particularly peeved that Halloween is on a Sunday(this is partially the cause of my costume issue), this date makes it difficult to have fun on the holiday without having to worry about American History homework. Honestly, after the past two years I had forgotten that Halloween could fall on a school night.

Nay: Okay, don't judge me, but on my quest to find a hysterical costume, I went into what us really awful comedians call "spookers block" (ha...get it...like writers block..). Regardless, I could not for the life of me think of anything remotely funny, including certain jokes. So against my will, I went online, and searched, "funny Halloween costumes". Bad Idea. Do you know what came up? Literally, KKK costumes and a Ronald McDonald dressed as Hitler. This was appalling, and believe me, I promise I will leave the costume decision making to myself rather than the Internet. I really do promise.

YAY: Guys, besides picking out a costume which can be a pain, making people laugh or scream is an awesome aspect of Halloween. So yay for being able to wear costumes!!! any costume. And not only is it the one time of year socially acceptable to dress up as a slutty pirate or a milk carton, it is also the primetime to do just this. Because in 20 or 30 years, it will no longest be socially acceptable. Believe me.

Nay: Candy. Yes candy. What can I say, Diabetes.

Okay, so this has been wonderful, I hope you enjoyed today's exciting and spooky, Halloween special. Also If you are not a follower and just reading this because you saw it on facebook, be sure to become a follower!!

This weeks *Things*:

-Next week is election week so...ugh...well actually that wasn't going anywhere.
-I must say there is not too much going on, but I would like to say congratulations to:
 The rowers at the Head of the Charles, and to the cast and crew of Twelfth Night!!! 
 I commend you all!!!!

Also I have two videos that I really enjoyed this week, take a look!!!



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