Saturday, October 23, 2010


Okay(first off which do you prefer, "okay" "ok"?) I'm back. Sorry for that brief hiatus(hah vocab--Hogan 9th grade). HaH. So I have been extremely busy this past week, with the play. But I am back. Anywho, you guys might be curious about the name "pancreas", odd isn't it. Well actually not really, because it is the segway into a hilarius video from this weeks Office episode(which was fabulous, except for Pam, she can leave the show for all I care). -Go to 8:00 min. And for those of you unfamiliar with the human anatomy, diabetics have nonfunctional pancreas's. hah. Ok(I thought I would try out both) moving forward. Who here despises Linda McMahon. I mean if the fact that she is the owner of WWE doesn't get you, you might want to consider how she eats babies souls for dinner(or cenar in Spanish). Okay(again trying to mix it up) maybe she doesn't do that. But she is actually like a leech, my dad went to get his flu shot at the civic center. There Linda was(yes we are on a first name basis) attacking people with her business cards and pins. My god, is this who we really want to be the senator of Connecticut, a parasite.  In other news, I am officially sick of scary movies. I mean whose Idea was it to make movies( one of the largest sources for ENTERTAINMENT) that scare people out of their wits. I really don't understand. Okay(again), my friend and I always watch horror movies together EVERY TIME we see each other, but after the movie I literally cannot walk in my house anymore. Was that these filmmakers in Hollywood(well with the cheap scary movies I see, more like Dayton Ohio) intentions? Well I guess I will have to do some more research on that issue.

This Weekends *Things*

-Again to my Crewbie friends, GOOD LUCK
-Come see the last two shows of Twelfth Night today!!!!(5:00 and 8:00)

PS- Spellcheck tried to correct "crewbie"to "Grebe"


  [greeb]  Show IPA
any diving bird of the family Podicipedidae, related to the loons,but having a rudimentary tail and lobate rather than webbed toes.

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