Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sorry for the long hiatus from blogs! It was thanksgiving and than suddenly Christmas and than the next thing I knew it was midterms. But here I am on this lovely snow day writing a new entry. Anyway my thought today has something to do with midterms. Have you ever noticed that in this technological age, all anyone cares about is efficiency. When you are in kindergarten, parents and teachers push reading on you. Then as you continue your elementary career, you begin taking standardized tests like the DRP's. The test are timed. These standardized tests are than present throughout your school years until you graduate from high school. Once you make it to the real world, you will only be hired if you can work faster and more effectively than the next guy. The truth is no one really cares how big your heart is...it's all your ability to work quickly. This has to do with midterms because for my English and american history midterms we are required to write an in-class essay. Now it's not that I'm worried about it, I just am curious as to how a person can be graded on a rushed piece of writing. Students when writing in-class essays freak out because they have to struggle to get all their ideas on paper within 40 minutes. Is it faint judge a person o. How quickly they are able to do something? Unfortunately i have to say yes. Haha bet you didn't see that coming. But the truth is, life is unfair. In order to keep up with this fast paced world, a person must learn to work just as fast.