Monday, November 15, 2010


So I bet everyone thought that since I am writing about "holidays" that I am going to be discussing Christmas and Thanksgiving. Just because those holidays are coming up doesn't mean I am going to blog about them(yet). I am talking national baby. No, really, like national holidays. Anyway, the other day my friend Shelby mentioned to me that it was National Diabetes Day. Now I am not trying to draw attention to myself or anything, but I mean, I am kind of the face of Diabetes. But I am not here to talk about diabetes. I am here to talk about diabeetuss. No. Seriously. I am here to discuss National Holidays and whether or not I agree with them. I figure this is a "YAY" or "nay" situation. And when I say "I figure" I mean you guys don't have a say in what I write.

The "YAY's" and "nay's" of National Holidays:

YAY- National Holiday's tend to raise awareness for worthy causes such as cancer, autism, aids, etc. Therefore I fully support national holidays in that sense.

nay- Once one cause has a special day all the others do. Now again I completely support certain holidays that raise awareness for vitally important causes, however I am not in favor of National Peanut butter lovers month or National Pomegranate month. These holidays are simply unnecessary.

YAY- Adding to the concept of "raising awareness", many of these national holiday's help raise money for the cause. Since an entire day is being dedicated to the disease people are more aware of the issue and are more apt to do something about it(such as raising money).

On a lighter note, Thanksgiving is next week. I know there are cynics out there debating the basis of the holiday. You know considering the amount of pain and suffering that occurred. But honestly I just enjoy the day for the sake of being able to have a delicious meal and spend time with family(ohh and having a few days off is nice as well). Also Christmas is pretty close as well which is extremely exciting, and to all my Jewish friends, I know you love Christmas just as much as I do.(not the whole Jesus thing, but otherwise...) Shalom.

This Weeks *Things*:
-Comedy Tonight---Friday, 7:30pm, Tickets $10.00
-Congrats to my crew friends at the Frostbite regatta!!!!! I cannot wait to be rowing again!!
-To my camp friends, i look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

November is national Diabetes month and National Gluten-Free Diet Awareness month. And my birthday is in November.

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