Sunday, November 7, 2010


In my opinion what a person drinks says a lot about their personality. For example coffee drinkers, are most likely are high maintenance people with an extremely busy life. Tea drinkers on the other hand might have a lot going on but are looking for an escape from the busy life. I have to say I am a person who enjoys drinking tea. However majority of the time I cannot stand people who do drink tea. I'm not talking about people who have a glass of Lipton once a day, I am talking about the people who have seven glasses of Chai, Zen or licorice mint in one day. I know I sound like a hipocrite. These "tea drinkers" just have this pretentious attitude that drives them(maybe this just happens sub-consciously) to be very condescending. I have no clue why TEA would give someone this higher power, but it does. Therefore "tea drinkers" are not high on my list. I understand that "coffee people" can be a little obnoxiously as well but at least they don't think so highly of themselves. On the other end of the spectrum you have soda drinkers. Now in this case there are two parts to the category, "diet soda people" and just regular "soda people". To be honest neither of these people are my cup of tea(ha). Because "diet soda people" have this unrealistic opinion that what they are drinking is a healthy decision. That is not true. But then the "soda people" just don't really care about anything. Either way they are just okay. Snapple people, now Snapple people are my kind of people. I don't care if they are drinking diet or regular, iced tea or grape flavor, they just good people.


  1. seven glasses of tea cough cough your dad :)

  2. um whitwhit what would you say about milk drinkers?

    i mean not that i like milk or anything, this is all hypothetical of course


  3. I hate milk unless it's in cereal. Although I must admit I respect you for being open about your love for mile, becuase most people are very closed about their love for milk. Therefore I respect you but not your "milk drinking".