Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Considering the recent "attention" the airline system has been receiving due to the new TSA system, I figured I should blog about the issue. I have to admit, at  first all the knowledge I had about the system came from the Saturday Night Live parody. Therefore I decided to do a little more research. Even though I understand that it truly is an invasion of privacy, every single time I think about  it I start to laugh. But to be honest I do not feel like discussing this, we'll leave that up to the President. My real topic today is something that my friend Jody brought up, what to wear when flying. Have you ever been put in the situation where you are leaving from a place such as Greenwich in winter, but you are going to a warm place such as Santa Monica?Well I have to say it is difficult to figure out what to wear. Answer:  Extra Clothing. I understand that may seem like a bother to bring extra clothing, however it is a good idea if you want to be comfortable in your destination.  Unfortunately I am going to have to leave you with that concept, because c'mon it is the holidays. Families to see etc. Happy Thanksgiving!!