Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well sorry about that. I have been very busy. Anywho, my birthday is next Tuesday!!! And honestly, I am not really excited. I guess as you get older you get less excited(Jesus, how old are you 45????). I am confused about why I am not excited therefore, I am going to do the "yays" and "nays"  again, let me know if you like that format.

The "YAY'S" and "nay's" of my BIRTHDAY:

YAY: Well the obvious, PRESENTS. Whoa, alright, that sounded a little narcissistic. Still, what is better than receiving a something that someone bought/made just for YOU. Not much. It's a great feeling. And if you cannot admit to loving presents, than honestly, you probably don't get very many. Okay, maybe you do, you might just be one of "those" people who asks specifically not to get them. Please, everybody LOVES presents. Regardless, I stand by my opinion.

Nay: Invitations. No not the actual writing of an invitation. Rather, deciding who you are going to invite. For me this is especially difficult because I have several different groups of friends. But it really isn't the worst thing.

YAY: Attention. Well guys, I am just going to put it all out on the table. I enjoy attention. That is all.

Nay: Cake. Well you know, gluten allergies. C'mon, the day someone finds a tasty gluten-free cake, is the day I will...actually I had know idea where that sentence was going.

To be honest, writing this blog got me excited for my birthday!!!!!!! Also this blog is in memory of Mallory.

This Weeks *Things*

-Congratulations to everyone who got cast in The Crucible or Oleanna!!!!
-30 ROCK
-Rachel Dog, Lauren Slang and Hanna Brown Bear

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  1. Hey! I'm not trying to be a total creeper, but I love your blog, Whitney!!
    Check out this link about cupcakes.. it's from a gluten-free blog hmm

    happy almost birthday!